Down hill skiing in her 70’s!

Teri & Rumel

Teri & Rumel

The last week of January I visited my family in Burlington, Vermont.  My daughter and I decided the time was right for a day to ski.  We went to Stowe, Vermont.  I prayed as I was on my way down the hill for the first time that I would not fall!  We took three runs that day and went to lunch.  It was a great day for mother and daughter, one that will go to a special place in my heart.

I owe this trip to my Senior Classic class and instructor Teri Daly.  I attend class 2-3 times per week.   I have gotten much stronger and have improved my balance.  Teri is great at her job and truly cares about everyone in our class.  She loves to see our improvements as much as we do!  Thank you Teri.

Rumel Bradt

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