Instructor – Anthony Merrill

Thank you for considering my boxing/kickboxing fitness class. When I was a youngster I loved watching Cassius Clay now known as Muhammed Ali. He inspired me to train in boxing. I went on to compete at the Felt Forum in NYC. Then I learned of Bruce Lee. I wanted to “Be like water” to so I enrolled in Taekwondo. Here I mastered the art of self defense. In my adult years Judo, Jiu jitsu and Kung fu became popular so I began training in Ninjutsu (who doesn’t want to be a Ninja). I earned a purple belt and even won a tournament with one arm. (I was the victim of a car jacking incident and had a dislocated shoulder). Well the MMA craze hit so at 53 years of age I trained in BJJ, Muay Thai, wrestling & boxing again. I took this knowledge to a local community center where I volunteered as a coach & was certified as an instructor with BCBA a non-profit community outreach program.