Little Dragons

Little DRAGONS – Ages 7-13self-defense-3

We strive for our training to work in conjunction with the students academic study to develop well rounded students capable of overcoming any and all of life’s obstacles. Self Defense teaches the principles that help students to become productive, confident, and successful adults, through self discipline and positive reinforcement. Our Little Dragon program focuses on physical conditioning and practical self defense combined with traditional Martial Arts training to help children develop:

Discipline                                   Strength

 Confidence                                     Speed

Self Reliance                                 Agility

Humility                                 Endurance

Pride                                   Coordination

Respect for Self and Others!

Studies have shown that martial arts students not only perform better in sports, they grow to become more successful adults. They also tend to avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse and addiction.

Invest in the training that will enhance your child’s life while keeping them physically fit!

Little Dragons meet:  Tuesday and Thursday 4:45-5:45pm