So happy to have found Body Edge!

Denise & famiyMy family has a home on the island (OIB) and comes down regularly.  As an avid exerciser at home, I felt like I needed somewhere to work out while at the beach.  In June I purchased the 10 group classes package and I have to say I am SO happy to have found Body Edge!  I’ve taken the Tabata, Step and Strength classes and have really enjoyed each one.  I especially love the instructor Teri!
I also have to say, Body Edge has the nicest members!  Each time I go I meet someone new and really enjoy seeing the same people regularly.  Body Edge is quickly becoming my home away from home gym!
Denise Carter


Essential Oil lover…

Lisa JI love using Young Living essential oils. I put a “Wow Water” mix together using Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, Grapefruit, and a touch of Ginger, and I keep it in a glass dropper bottle in my purse. One dropperful in my water bottle and I’m ready for whatever comes!  I use Lavender oil in my linen drawer to give my sheets a light and soothing scent, and I diffuse different combinations of oils all the time — there’s one for every mood. The more you use the oils, the more you learn, the more ways to benefit from them!

Lisa Jennings

Body Edge Fitness has many essential oils in stock for your purchase.  Whether you want to diffuse, apply topically or ingest Young Living Oils are the best around.  We have oils for sore muscles, some to help you sleep, others to increase your energy.  If you need to lose weight… there are oils for that.  Have a cut, thinning hair, or need mosquito repellent… we have you covered.  The list goes on and on.  It’s time to take control of our health and wellness.

Any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] – Cindy Black, owner

Another Happy Vacationer!!!

Hi Cindy,FullSizeRender(1)

I recently visited your gym for several workout classes between 4/18-4/22.  I took 2 spin classes, 2 yoga classes, and a zumba class.  I just wanted to let you know that those classes helped make my vacation fabulous.  The instructors were nice, attentive, challenging, and professional.  When I first walked in the door, your front desk lady (with cute purple bangs and short hair- Laura?) was so sweet and helpful.  We talked and had a great conversation about where I’m from and all of that good stuff.  I also called a couple of times to clarify times of classes and every phone call was a positive one.  I was able to bring my husband and brother in-law to the two spin classes (they have never done spin before) and they LOVED it and found them beyond challenging.  Hopefully my husband continue here in Bethel, Maine.  Everyone in class was kind and hooting and hollering while also welcoming us to their class.

You have a fine establishment at Body Edge.  Thank you for making us feel at home and allowing us to get a taste of your life there at your gym.

Be well and please commend your staff,
Kasey Jerome

Pleased Member…

DianeBody Edge is a people friendly gym that has all the equipment anyone could need.  They offer multiple classes and are always adding new and exciting things to keep you interested.  (The Jacob’s Ladder challenge is definitely interesting!)  They are also Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit certified which is important to me.   With Silver Sneakers I am able to use the facility for FREE.  I especially like that the gym opens at 6:00 am and is open all day, unlike some places that close for several hours in the middle of the day and then re-open in the evening.  I have been with Cindy for about 8 years and have seen her expand to a larger building and then expand that space with two much needed additions as her business has grown.  I would not work out anywhere else!  Cindy and her fitness center are the best!

Diane Kreuzburg

Body Edge – The Best Drug!

Sarah FordOne year ago at my annual physical my cholesterol was too high, I had zero energy and I was over weight.  Then I found Body Edge and more specifically the Senior Classic class with Teri Daly and the terrific seniors in her class. I could never have faithfully worked out if I didn’t enjoy the class so much.

A week ago at my physical my cholesterol was down 20 points and I lost 10 pounds, all without drugs!

Thank you Body Edge and Teri!!!

Sarah Ford

Down hill skiing in her 70’s!

Teri & Rumel

Teri & Rumel

The last week of January I visited my family in Burlington, Vermont.  My daughter and I decided the time was right for a day to ski.  We went to Stowe, Vermont.  I prayed as I was on my way down the hill for the first time that I would not fall!  We took three runs that day and went to lunch.  It was a great day for mother and daughter, one that will go to a special place in my heart.

I owe this trip to my Senior Classic class and instructor Teri Daly.  I attend class 2-3 times per week.   I have gotten much stronger and have improved my balance.  Teri is great at her job and truly cares about everyone in our class.  She loves to see our improvements as much as we do!  Thank you Teri.

Rumel Bradt

“Drastically Improving My Game”

Richard K

I feel stronger and more flexible than before my hip replacement.

I had a total hip replacement at Cleveland Clinic in September 2015 with 6 weeks post surgery therapy at home and 4 more weeks of therapy at the Clinic.  On returning to my gym I knew my strength and flexibility were far from being able to return to my golf game. I could not find any nearby programs to help me rebuild.  We arrived as snow birds to NC on the 1st of January and signed up at Body Edge.  There I found an exercise program for golfers!

This program, led by Teri, has been outstanding.  We work on strength, flexibility and balance with no day in class the same.  Teri and the golf class have been instrumental in drastically improving my game.  I feel stronger and more flexible than before my hip replacement.  Regardless of age or disability I would encourage any golfer to join the golf class at Body Edge!

Richard Kime



Lost 30 Pounds!

BettyJanuary marks my one year anniversary with the Body Edge Silver Sneakers (Senior Classic) class.  It was the best decision because I have gained strength and balance in addition to LOSING 30 POUNDS!

Teri is a great instructor and the class is SO MUCH FUN.  I love all the friends I’ve made and look forward to 2016.

Thank you Body Edge  —  Betty Ann Luff


A Successful Year!

Thank you, Body Edge for the one year anniversary greeting but most of all for the wonderful health and fitness benefits. I joined the gym a year ago and see a big difference in my strength, endurance and overall health. The staff is very helpful and friendly while offering great expertise and encouragement.

Thanks again, I’m looking forward to another year and more!

Sharon Stedman

Way to go Jack!

Encouraging results from my exercisingJack-Joyce-285x400 
at Body Edge Fitness... 

Hi Cindy, just wanted you to know that my
blood sugar levels have greatly reduced
since I have started to exercise at your
center. I am there 6 days a week and after
3 weeks my numbers have been reduced by
50 to 60 mg/day. This will also keep me
off of additional medicine. It makes sense
to increase activity and get your body 
more healthy.
Thanks for your help.