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PaleoPRO: paleopro-single-bottle

As we understand more each day about how human health is being negatively affected by cereal grains (Wheat Belly; Brain Grain; etc.) and the GMOs that are rampant within the food supply, there’s no doubt that every effective weight management and wellness regime is going to include and encompass the modified Paleo (Primal) and Mediterranean Diet.

With the effectiveness of this new PaleoPRO capsule in dramatically curbing/eliminating appetite/cravings, increasing energy, and improving mental focus/clarity, the body is guided toward the Paleo Diet in a way that is not stressful. Instead of craving carbohydrates, heavy, fatty foods and sweets, when taking this product an individual is automatically guided toward foods that center around lean proteins of meat, fish, poultry and eggs, with fresh vegetables and tart fruits.

Notice the Modified Paleolithic-Mediterranean Food Pyramid. This graphic is proprietary and unique to the marketplace and represents paleopro-pyramidwhat healthcare professionals feel is the ideal nutritional lifestyle to follow.  As you can easily see, beginning with the BASE of the FOUNDATION, filtered water intake and weight-bearing exercise is fundamental to sound, long-term health.  Then, as you move up the pyramid, you’ll find the ‘decreasing amounts’ of caloric intake categories (food sources).  Please note that nowhere in this graphic are located cereal grains.  We now know, from actual scientific studies and evidence that cereal grains represent one of the most toxic and inflammatory-producing food sources available to humans and should be avoided.


Caffeine Anhydrous–acts as a central nervous system stimulant & as a psychoactive stimulant. Sourced from coffee beans, guarana berries and kola nuts, caffeine is being recognized for its beneficial roles in thermogenic weight loss, cardiovascular & skin health and for optimizing brain & neurological function.

Cocoa Bean Extract– High in polyphenols & flavonoids & containing phenylethylamine, which has been shown to have a mood elevating effect, cocoa extract is also a rich source of antioxidants to assist with cardiovascular & immune health. Also, a significant source of caffeine & theobromine.

Bitter Orange Fruit (Citrus Aurantium) Advantra-ZR* Extract – This highly acclaimed, clinically proven, proprietary & patented extract of Bitter Orange promotes effective utilization of dietary energy sources, the thermogenic process of weight management & satiety.

4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate– Pouchung Tea leaves have long been revered in Chinese Medicine for their anti-oxidative & lipid processing characteristics in the human diet, along with being an excellent support for the immune function & weight management. Through a proprietary fermentation & extraction method employed during the drying process of the leaves, this powerful compound is extracted to assist in the thermogenic process of weight management & promoting satiety.

Theobromine – A bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant, theobromine’s name comes from Greek roots ‘theo’ (God) & ‘bromo” (food). It has been used for promotion of healthy cardiovascular & respiratory function, mood, weight management & currently the subject of great interest for better dental health.

Schizanda Berry Extract – Used for centuries in Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine as an adaptogen & to increase performance under stressful conditions. Schizandra also promotes healthy inflammatory response, immune function, liver & cardiovascular health. Russian medicine values this ancient botanical for its anti-oxidative properties & for the promotion of excellent physical & mental performance, strength, endurance, mood & revitalization of body functions.

Kelp – A rich source of iodine & selenium, kelp has been used by indigenous populations for its healthful benefits in digestion, immune function, bone development, detoxification & weight management.

Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine R)*– A recognized feature of Ayurvedic medicine & its intense focus on the functioning of the digestive tract, specifically with the increased absorption of nutrients. Nearly 2/3 of all Ayurvedic formulas contain Black Pepper Extract, long recognized for its ability to improve gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients. Current-day clinical trials of this proven patented extract have proven an increase of over 60% in absorption & bio-availability of nutrients & other beneficial substances when this extract is included in the ingested combination. In its patented form, it also promotes thermogenic activity.

*Patented Source

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