Another Happy Vacationer!!!

Hi Cindy,FullSizeRender(1)

I recently visited your gym for several workout classes between 4/18-4/22.  I took 2 spin classes, 2 yoga classes, and a zumba class.  I just wanted to let you know that those classes helped make my vacation fabulous.  The instructors were nice, attentive, challenging, and professional.  When I first walked in the door, your front desk lady (with cute purple bangs and short hair- Laura?) was so sweet and helpful.  We talked and had a great conversation about where I’m from and all of that good stuff.  I also called a couple of times to clarify times of classes and every phone call was a positive one.  I was able to bring my husband and brother in-law to the two spin classes (they have never done spin before) and they LOVED it and found them beyond challenging.  Hopefully my husband continue here in Bethel, Maine.  Everyone in class was kind and hooting and hollering while also welcoming us to their class.

You have a fine establishment at Body Edge.  Thank you for making us feel at home and allowing us to get a taste of your life there at your gym.

Be well and please commend your staff,
Kasey Jerome