Another great year!

Cindy, it is with pleasure that we have had a another great year at Body Edge in Ocean Isle.  We have enjoyed your facility.

However, more than your facility it has been the staff that keep us coming back. Jerry and Kathy, at the front desk, are always welcoming.  Teri and Jackie are outstanding instructors, who give there all but also have very welcoming personalities. Of course who could not look at your smile and greeting every morning.  You can be very proud of who you have working for you!

We look forward to returning next year (longer season) as I am already looking forward to working with Teri next year.

Richard (and Karen) Kime


Remember gang, your first class is always free at Body Edge.

If there is something you have been wanting to try… now is the time!!!

As we say, it’s always Happy Hour at Body Edge Fitness.

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