Adult Dragons

Adult DRAGONS – Ages 14+self-defense-1

Our beginner adult program is a 16 week program that teaches practical self defense while increasing the students strength, speed, and physical condition. Upon completing this program students will be promoted to the advanced classes.

In this 16 week program Students will be introduced to:

10 different Martial Art Styles incorporating:

32 Hand Strikes     16 Kicks     12 Throws

12 Elbow and Knee Strikes    12 Take-downs     12 Holds and how to break them

Train with traditional martial art instruction and light MMA style sparring.

Students will also learn:  Weapons Defense, Multiple Attacker Defense, Ground Fighting, Fall Recovery, Blocking, Evasion, and Awareness.  All while becoming stronger and faster, with increased balance, coordination, agility, and endurance.

Your only 16 weeks away from becoming more confident in your life and appearance!

Adult Dragons meet:  Monday and Wenesday  5:45-6:45pm